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Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Thanks Hi Fi 

Thanks all:

Terrifico time up Kaffe 1870 way.

All oldies Bryson set featuring only songs from the debut Occasionals album.

Fine fine times,


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bryson and Weakerthans Shows and Recording Release News:

Hey folkies and friends. A quick hello here to get you up to speed on some goings on in the world of the .org

Jim Bryson and Weakerthans "The Falcon Lake Incident".

So in short, the record is recorded and mixed and ready for ears. Stay tuned for release details and lots of other goodies regarding it. There will lots of shows and other things to announce in the coming weeks so please check in.

Jim Bryson to play Kelp Weekend

Jim will return to the scene of The Mayfair, an amazing old movie theatre in Old South Ottawa to kick of Kelp 16 festivities. There is a Facebook page all set up HERE with details and ticket info, but here are the text pertinents.

Kelp 16 Kick Off!!!
Jim Bryson w/ Chris Page
Thursday May 13th.
Mayfair Theatre

Jim Bryson with The Weakerthans Band Set for Live Action

With a handy collection of songs ready to roll, Jim Bryson and The Weakerthans Band will play their FIRST live show together at this summer's edition of the 2010 Winnipeg Folk Festival.

It all happens on the weekend of July 9th, 2010

Lots of Details and ticket info over at the festival site HERE

More show to come!!!!!

Hi Fi Reunion Weekend:

A long long time ago before the Internet had grabbed us all to say hello to people we don't even know, there lived a great little basement club in Ottawa called the Hi Fi. It nurtured and helped send bands like The Recoilers, Werbo, The Fiftymen and this page's namesake Jim Bryson out into the world.

Well after all this time and for a reason none of us know, these bands and many more will get together in the cozy confines of Wakefield's Cafe 1870 for three special shows.

Jim will play ONLY songs from his debut Occasionals recording and will be backed up by the long lost Recoilers.

There is a Facebook page for this event as well right HERE

Jim Plays Saturday April 24th

For day to day musings and goings on, you can always see Jim in the Twitterverse and Facebook.

Take care,

the .org

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